4 Great ways to clean Computer Memory

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4 Great ways to clean Computer Memory

4 Great ways to clean Computer Memory
Clean your temporary files and unimportant file to get a perfect performance.

The computer is one of the most essential companions in our daily life. From internet browsing, sending e-mails, watching movies, playing games, and doing so many things are done with computers.

But while using the computer, we face a common problem. That is, slowing down the computer. Slow computer is boring on one hand, on the other hand it interferes with the work. For this reason, it is necessary to find some rules that keep the computer moving fast.

Let's see "4 Great ways to clean Computer Memory"

Method 1

4 Great ways to clean Computer Memory
Run Command Box

While working on a computer, Windows creates many temporary files. Windows itself can not delete them later. These files have to be deleted regularly.

To delete temporary files, go to Run (Win + R) from the Start menu and type or %temp% or prefetch and press Enter. Then the files that come are good to delete without any thoughts. This work should be done at least once in two to three days.

Method 2:

Disk Cleanup Command Box

There is an easy way to remove Temporary files. From the Start menu press Run (Win + R) and type cleanmgr and then press OK, there will be a dialog box called appear and from this select a drive. As you can see there is listed every drive of your computer. Select a drive and press OK. And tick the every item that appear in the next dialogue box. Press OK to delete them.

Thus, each drive must be selected separately and cleaned at least once a week. Then the computer will be fast.

Method 3

4 Great ways to clean Computer Memory
Disk Defragmenter and Optimization 

To keep good health of hard disk, you should do regular Disk Defragment. Hard disks may have data on both systems -

  1. FAT (File Allocation Table)
  2. NTFS (New Type File System)
Regardless of the file system, by defragmenting disk, the hard disk will rearrange its data. Otherwise, day to day hard disk is become weak and there is a possibility of getting damage.

Click on Start button and go to Programs and click Disk Defragmenter. From here, select the drives and click on Defragment. Disk defragment is required for at least twice a month.

Some tips for opening Disk Defragment from different Windows...
  • From Windows 7 to 10 it's easy to find Disk Defragment Utility Program, by searching on start menu by the name "Defragment" it's appear on the screen.
  • In windows 10 open Run (Win + R)  and type dfrgui and press OK to start Disk Defragment.
  • In other operating system, Right-click the hard drive that you want to optimize, and then click 'Properties', Click the 'Tools' tab, and then, under 'Optimize and defragment drive', click 'Optimize', Select the drive you want to defrag and click on 'Optimize'.

Method 4

4 Great ways to clean Computer Memory
Program and Feature box

There are some additional programs on the computer that we do not need. Go to Control Panel and click on Programs and Features or Program to uninstall any app that you don't need.

In Windows 10, there is also have some of build in application that not always need, to remove them Go to All Settings or Setting by searching on Start Menu and press uninstall to remove them.

Note : In the end, it is important to keep in mind that while cleaning the computer's memory, it is also important to keep the computer clean. Because many times for the dust and dirt, Motherboard IC, processor cooling fan and other devices may be stop working or sometime damage. So it is good to keep the computer clean for long time use.

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