How to Learn Ethical Hacking! (Educational)

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How to Learn Ethical Hacking! (Educational)

1. Who is hacker?

The hacker is the person who is involved in security / insecurity and is able to find the weak aspects of the security system, especially in the efficient or in other computer systems, or capable of deep knowledge about it. Generally, the term hacker is used more in the meaning of black hat hackers, which actually shoots destructive and criminal acts. There are also moral hacker who is called Ethical Hacker.

Frequently cray - which is used to differentiate between them, which is used to differentiate hackers from computer security hackers, or to detect the difference between moral hackers from unscrupulous hackers.

Hacker classification

White hat hacker: They provide the security of computers and cyber world. They never hurt others. These are called ethical hackers.

Black Hat Hacker: Hacker is usually referred to as black hat hackers. They always cause harm to others in some way or another. They are hated by many in the cyber world.

Gray hat Hacker: It is a hacker who is located between the black and white hat hackers. If they wish, they can do any harm, and also they can benefit others.

Elit: They are very skilled hackers. They can hack any system by hiding themselves. They can usually find different types of exploit. They also have a good knowledge of programming.

Script Kiddie: They can not create scripts or tools themselves. They work by using different tools or scripts made by others. They have no idea about programming.

New Fight or Newbie: They are hacking students. They are just learning hacking. In other words, they can be called beginner or newbie.

How To Be a Hacker

It's not so easy to be a Elite Hacker and can not be done very quickly. A hacker has to face many problems and solve more than one problem. Always remember that knowledge is the power. Always have patience, do not expect to be a hacker if you do not have patience.


You can ask yourself, Is it really necessary to learn programming? The answer is yes or not at a same time. It will be completely free of your will. Hacking can not be done properly if you don't have any programming knowledge. If you do not understand programming, then you will be classified as a script kiddie. Some advantages of programming are:

  1. You can be a elite hacker once you can join in a team to be a ethical hacker.
  2. You can hack many system or service for rescue women.
  3. It will be a great day if you hack some criminal data for rescue people.
  4. You can be very famous people.

[If you choose other things, Jails is waiting for you in future. That's not my fault]

The best way to learn

How to be a hacker or the requirement to be a hacker. This tips is help you to become a hacker.

  1. Keep track of the books, collect all books from the markets about programming and computer system to know better about computer.
  2. You can learn it online on W3School.
  3. The more you learn the more you can do, you must have complete knowledge about the subject you want to hack.
  4. Use Linux. Linux is the best operating system for hacker. You can edit it, because its source code is open.
  5. Keep learning how to use the programming language. This is most important for hackers. You can be a good hacker as long as you master your programming language.
  6. You have to know "html" "JavaScript" "C" "C++" "Perl" "Python" and many more.
  7. Don't try other script of hacking without knowing anything about it. Because it can hack you. Many newbie hacker when trying to hack something, they fall in a great problem by attack of virus on computer.
  8. Keep practicing but learn first.
[Always remember hacking is a crime, Don't misuse it]

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