Some Android tips can save your money and time

Nowadays Android is a famous mobile operating system and most of the people of the world using android now. So you need to know some tips for saving your time and money.

Data Savings

Android is a medium of internet. Most people use phone to browse many thing. But specially when you are browsing internet on Cellular data mode you have to do something for savings your data.

  1. Turn on Background data restriction mood.
  2. Turn off auto sync option on Setting
  3. Turn off auto backup mood of photo.
Now you can do something if you want to save your data without doing any changes on phone
  1. Turn on update only on WiFi
  2. Turn on backup only on WiFi
  3. Turn on Restriction mood specific app on Setting>Data Usage>

Battery Savings

Android phone most important part is battery backup specially when you are in outdoor. Most of the phone now comes with first charging option that is very helpful for charging your phone. But you should follow some more option for a best backup time.
  1. Uninstall software that you don't need usually (Every software is draining your battery)
  2. Turn on daylight saving option and optimal brightness for saving your battery.
  3. Avoid those software or games app that running always in background. 
  4. Recharge your battery fully or finished it once to get a good health of battery.
  5. Always recharge your phone by your own charger that given to you, with your phone.
  6. Avoid over charging.
  7. Don't use your phone when it's charging.

Payment Security

Now people use android or iPhone to payment for something. So you need to know something for security of your money.
  1. Use a trusted app
  2. Don't give your phone to anyone whom you don't know
  3. Use cellular data when you are making transaction
  4. Use credit card.

Gesture and Sensor

Now smartphone comes with various type of sensor and gesture that can help you to get many solution and it's also help your phone to be more advance and effecting use.
  1. Magnetic Sensor help you to find north and south by a app
  2. Some gesture is very helpful for quick action taking
  3. Some special sensor can calculate how much of calory you used today

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