Here are the following top 10 best mobile brands available in the market offering different models of phones for the people:

1. Apple iPhone

Founded : April 1, 1976, Cupertino, California, United States
Iphone is a most popular phone in the whole world and it's on leading position.
The developer of iphone always consider the new feature that is rare in this world.
So their phone becomes the famous phone of the world.

2. Samsung

Founded : March 1, 1938
Samsung phone also offer many model, each of it ready for different  types of peoples. It has a awesome camera power that is really good on low budget phone. The high budget phone have many special feature that is really similar with iphone.

3. Xiaomi

Founded : April 6, 2010, Beijing, China
Xiaomi is a new generation phone which leading on various country of the world. This phone have many more feature and model. This phone provide you best performance and user experience. This phone also offer you best feature with low budget.


Founded : 2004, Dongguan, China
OPPO is a phone which provide you the best selfie camera. It's also called "Camera Phone", The young generation have a great influence on selfie so oppo provide you best camera on their phone.

5. Vivo

Founded : 2009, Dongguan, China
A young generation phone which provide you special sound quality and support. This phone have cutting-edge technology, which provide you best performance on photography. Vivo created the very first smartphone with a dedicated Hi-Fi chip, the X1 and the looking of the phone is great with online service.

6. Motorola

Founded : September 25, 1928, Chicago, Illinois, United States
Motorola is the phone which is the product of the Lenovo. It provides you different types of services and the latest features on their phone. It comes with  easily swappable battery, back covers, and fantastic speaker in it as well. This phone also have different types of model. Such as Motorized, Moto Z Force Droid, and many others

7. HTC

Founded : May 15, 1997
HTC is a another types of phone which comes with solid aluminum body and enhanced with the Android operating system. This phone has all the latest features also. The camera of the phone provide you good quality of photo.

8. Nexus

Founded : January 5, 2010
Nexus is the brand of Google which has gained much success in very less time. Android is a Google-based operating system so they provide you the best performance and latest feature of android phone.

9. LG

Founded : October 1958, Seoul, South Korea
LG is also a good phone which comes with stylish and sleek metal design and offers different screen space. According to all other phones, LG also provides all the features of the mobile.

10. Huawei

Founded : September 15, 1987, Shenzhen, China
Huawei also have same thing as describes on other one but it offer dual camera, aspirations, a metal design that is the specialty of their phones.

Nowadays all phones offer you the most latest feature with an update but this rating is only user-based. Smartphones come with some specialty and package, in which phone have all the requirements for a buyer, those phones are selected by them and become famous. The specialty comes also with that package that offered by various manufacturer.

If someone need best camera on the other hand another people need good performance. Someone need a good quality on back camera, someone needs on front. Someone need good performance on multitasking, on the other hand, someone needs to play high-quality games.

So the variety of phone provides you variety of performance and camera. And average phone which have high quality of RAM, Camera, Processor, and GPU at the same time. The phone becomes famous.

Iphone usually make their phone by comparing all the people needs. They make a phone to satisfy every need of the people, so they are the top brands of the world. They have their own operating system IOS.

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