Which company you trust Facebook or Google?

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Which company you trust Facebook or Google?

Facebook, Google, Apple and AmazonWhich company you trust?

Users are losing confidence in big companies such as Google and Facebook. Currently, users have the least confidence in technology companies. This is because some incident happen in some days, that's really a major problem for the user.

Ten days ago, Facebook acknowledged that five million users  data were lost for hacker. The information is captured by using Facebook security. The hackers got the chance to attack Facebook through a feature called "View As". Users see how their account looks to others through View As. This feature used to see how the friends looks our Facebook account. The infected users' accounts are automatically logged out and get re-login requests.

According to a report in Forbes Online, Facebook authorities could not give a clear idea about the users' actions in these incidents, and could not find out who was involved in the recent incident handling of information. Even, what kind of information was captured, could not say that.

This is not the first such incident. Earlier, in April this year, data hacked from Facebook account for 870 million users. The political consultancy firm Cambridge Analyst has grabbed the information unofficially from Facebook, Facebook said. Facebook has not warned users about the data being useless

Google was very cautious about the Facebook data scandal, So they did not disclose the security of Google Plus in March. On Monday, the information of Google Plus was hacked by hacker. Reports of news agency Reuters reported that data of five million users from Google Plus was hacked. Google is a leading organization of the world so Alphabet decided to stop their Google Plus service due to its failure. The Google Plus Authority said more than 500,000 Google Plus users' information was gone to hundreds of developers outside. So the customer version of Google Plus (Consumer Edition) is being discontinued. Google Plus is making the policy of data exchange more difficult.

Although Google acknowledged the issue, it has been holding it for a while. Google says that, from their site, their only have opportunity to get developer information. But for the feature fault, hacker succeed to get the user information.

Generally, users are expecting to have their information safe in large companies like Facebook and Google. They tell Google their location information and the details of their choice of Facebook. This allows Google and Facebook users to show ads according to their preferences. But now proves that companies like Google and Facebook are not protecting user information.

So which company you believe? Amazon is proud of its security. Apple also has a reputation for security. In a survey of Monkey and Ride in April, which company is good for taking care of information? asked to many user! . Only two percent of users named Apple and Amazon. Facebook and Google's names comes at last as trusted organization in the survey.

Apple's authorities have long sought to protect user information. But there is also a discussion on how to assist their law enforcers.

Apart from this, the scandal of using China's 'spy chips' is also heard on Apple and Amazon devices.

Experts say cyber attacks and hacks will continue to happen. But it seems to be creating confusion about technology companies. If Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon have to maintain user trust, then the security of their information must be confirmed safety. If any event happens, then the user must be know on time. But now the regulator has decided to make a lot of fines, so that the information security of users will improve somewhat. But trust the organization, it depends on the user.

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