Download Deep Freeze 7 Full + License Key (Details about this Software)

Download Deep Freeze 7  Full + License Key
Download this software and here are the few thing that can help you.

Deep Freeze is a software for computer that can make the system freeze and protecting system from any kind of changes. It's a only software that can protect you from the virus and  unauthorized change.

Sometimes its happen that you change your system settings according to your choice but after one other user, the setting become lost.

By this software you can freeze your system and keep it safe form unusual chanege. Some tips that can help you to find the importance of this software :

  • If your PC is for public use, sometime people comes to a pc to load software that can harm other user, In this case. You can use this software.
  • If you don't like that anyone change your personal setting from your computer then you can use it.
  • If you have to work on a malicious website or on malicious software, then you can use it, it can protect you from usual change of system for getting your data, but during working time, antivirus is the only software that can help you to protect from malware.
  • It can help you to get rid of any virus that attack your PC again and again. If you feel that your PC is under control of viruses then simply just restart the PC. One thing is It will only help you if you install it before virus attack. After attacking of viruses it will never help you to get rid from that virus. If your PC have virus, I suggest you don't install it. At first remove your virus then install it.

This software have three mood, for each mood activation you have to restart the computer.

  1. Boot Frozen : It's the automatic option that comes first. It's the mood that can safe you from any changes. After activating this service you are safe from any kind of changes.
  2. Boot Thawed on next restart : Thawed mean any changes made is going to be permanent. And this option is help you for schedule your computer frozen mood. Sometime you have to repair your system and you called a technician for this work. Then you can select the restart limit for thawed use. Any changes made on that time will be permanent from next frozen restart.
  3. Boot Thawed : This will made your PC permanently thawed and any user can change your system then.
You can protect from being changing this option by password.

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