Learn Computer Programming - Programming Idea (Part 01)

Learn Computer Programming - Programming Idea (Part -01)

Learn Computer Programming - Programming Idea (Part -01)Basic before learning Programming Language....

In a word, programming means to create programs or software. Everything we use on a computer is a different program. These are written using a specific language. The language they use is called programming languages.

But the fact is that the computer have nothing without programming. There is no power to do anything. It's need program to run a command on computer. That means you can do any work after setting a specific program. As you can hear the song, you can create animations or play games. So how do you make yourself a program? Maybe it's games or something else.

It is impossible to run a Computer without programming. Moreover, it is an interesting thing to do. Once you start, you can understand. I can say for sure that once you start programming you may find that you are becoming more interested in making games than playing games.


Some people may say to learning programming of a computer, you have to be a student of Computer Science. I look at the subject a little differently. You have to learn to program if you are a student of computer science but it's not necessary to be a student of computer science to learn to program. From Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerberg or various programmers are not computer science graduate. Even the high rated coders of different programming contests have not finished high school! Basically, the issue is whether you are interested or not. It may be seen that after reading in the arts, you are interested in programming and you get a good result. By doing programming you are feeling better. Then you have to carry on it if your interest is same as every time.

Some people might say again what is the meaning of time to do things like programming in the arts? But programming means to solve the problem by holding the logic. Suppose you have a problem. Now you have to solve the problem. After a few different steps, you will reach the solution. That means you have to think. Think about the problem till it's root. If you have any logic, then your brain starts making solution quickly. What happens in this is that your brain will be more active. The logical part of the brain will develop by this type of thinking. As a result, it will not only help in resolving the problem of programming, but it will help in quick thinking on how to remember or learn anything else. In fact, your brain's power will increase day by day.

Let's talk about another benefit of learning programming. We study any subject to gain success in life and also to get a good job and sometimes if you are not a good student you are failing in life. But if you are a good programmer then you will not have to find a job, the job will find you. But not only to work on Google, Microsoft or good software firms, we should learn programming to learn or have fun.

Another thing to say, if you try for a few days, you can learn any programming language. But to be a good programmer, you have to know how to solve problems by developing a logic instead of learning the programming languages. And to do that, you must a good idea of Math and algorithm. That is, what I mean is that you will not be able to learn programming after trying for a week or two weeks, but because of the efforts of few months, you can use any language and its applications. So one thing, you only learn programming by giving time on it.

And to learn programming, the first thing that comes up is C programming. So in the later stages, we will try to give some basic ideas about C programming.

So Let's see the different ideas of programming.

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