PUBG Mobile Game Download and Details about it (Why it Famous)

PUBG Mobile Game Download and Details about it (Why it Famous)

PUBG (PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds) is now very famous game by Tencent Games. This game is famous for quality and system of playing. The most interesting thing of the game is it's multiplayer, and you can play with friend. One friend can revive and safe you when you are going to die. You can make your own team for playing this game.

This game is addictive game. Be a team if you want to stay alive. Or you will be treated as "The deer without the team". If you alone on the game any time you can be go away by the hand of death.

The feature of the game is :

  1. This game is online based multiplayer game.
  2. Player must be in a team for playing this game, the team you can select from your list of friends or if you want you can play with server auto generated team players.
  3. This game have full of challenges and you have to fulfill it at a time. You have to take care yourself defeat enemy and co-operate with team members, and there is map on which there is a circle area. You must have to be on that area unless your life will be automatically decreasing. To stay with that area you must have to keep moving on team members.
  4. The map circle are is design to set war between the team to team. It's the final stage when the circle become very short and you have get prepared because you are going on a final stage.

Picture that can be help full to know more about it.

Red color circle are red-zone. This is dangerous zone. Bombs drop in the zone at random positions. It is a one hit kill if a player is directly hit - though being hit is still somewhat unlikely. You are safe inside buildings if you are not near windows or doors.

The white circle area is white zone, you have to be in this area during play time and this area occasionally shorting time to time. Get back to that area before the effect of outside area decrease your life limit.

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Follow your teammate locating on map at a same time stay on white circle area and keep searching for equipment on house or building on the game and kill people to get their equipment.

OK enough intro, now you can play the game if you totally new in it, this information is enough to start playing the game.

Downloading the game

This game is totally free on Google Play Store. But if you need the file of the game, then you can download it from here.

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This File is : 1.4 GB with apk file
Here you can get : PUBG Mobile apk + Data
For getting file you have to passed by adfly network.

After downloading this file you get the zip file then place the com.tencent.ig folder in Android>obb and install the APK file

Download this game now and start playing, have fun. this game is awesome one.

Suggestion for expert player or to be a expert player

For the player who is already playing this game. Here is some of the suggestion for you. If you are expert then you know that head shoot can kill you at one bullet. So be careful. Helmet can save you in that case. Other thing just like

  1. Make plan with your team before jump and jump on a exact location by showing the map, where you can understand which location you can jump on.
  2. Make plan with team by voice chat.
  3. Don't stay on same place when you are in attacking mood, specially if you are on a building area, make confuse to the player and kill them. You alone can tackle a team by this tricks.
  4. Keep changing seat when you are in car and visiting somewhere but in under attack.
  5. Keep clean your bag, only take those which is really helpful for you.
  6. Keep painkiller when you get more use one of you have.
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