PUBG Mobile Weapons Guide – List & Stats

PUBG Mobile Weapons Guide

PUBG Mobile Weapons Guide – List & Stats
Find the best weapons to enjoy most

Nowadays PUBG Mobile is very famous game. But there was a lot of weapons there. Choosing the best weapon means that your success is very near. The most dangerous weapons is that of shotguns that can kill you instantly. So getting the shotguns and 8x Zoom means your Chicken Dinner is too close.

There is several type of weapon on that game and by day to day it's updating. This weapons list will help you to choose the more powerful weapon.

PUBG Mobile Weapons – Melee


Melee weapon is that kind of weapons you can use it when you are too close to a enemy this type of weapons is used when you have no weapon on hand or in the first opening of the game.

Time to kill
1.50 s
1.50 s
1.50 s
Jump and Punch
4.00 s
2.97 s
1.50 s

PUBG Mobile Weapons – Pistols

Sawed-off Pistol
In the first moment the most easy to find it. Pistol is for saving purpose used in the first moment.

PistolDamageAmmoTime to kill
Sawed-off16012G0.25 s
P92359mm0.54 s
P1911410.450.75 s
R1895557.621.20 s
P18C239mm0.42 s
R45550.450.75 s

PUBG Mobile Weapons – Shotguns

Shotgun is the most powerful weapons of PUBG but it's also rare. Most of time you can get it on the drop that fallen from the sky. If you are a player then you are familiar with drop. But this is the most dangerous work to get the drop first time. Because who get the drop first. He get the every important weapons and element of PUBG.

ShotgunDamageAmmoTime to kill
S68621612GInstant kill
S189721612GInstant kill
S12K19812GInstant kill

PUBG Mobile Weapons – LMG

This type of weapons are found on houses and building of PUBG mobile and this is the common weapon you can get anywhere on PUBG. So get the best weapon by the list. I provide this image that is the most powerful weapon.

WeaponDamageAmmoTime to kill
M249455.560.23 s
DP-28517.620.33 s

PUBG Mobile Weapons – SMG

Tommy Gun

This type gans is rare on the game. Kills more to get this type of weapons and visit the every large area with building to get this type of weapon. This type of guns usually find on the second floor of any building.

WeaponDamageAmmoTime to kill
UZI269mm0.29 s
UMP9399mm0.37 s
Vector340.450.22 s
Tommy Gun400.450.34 s

PUBG Mobile Weapons – DMR

Mk14 EBR

Weapons are most important part of this game and you can find this type of weapons on by killing other. More you kill the more batter weapon you can get.

WeaponDamageAmmoTime to kill
SKS537.620.20 s
VSS419mm0.26 s
Mini14465.560.30 s
Mk14617.620.18 s
SLR587.620.20 s

PUBG Mobile Weapons – Assault Rifles


The AKM and the Groza have the best damage. But the M16A4 has the best DPS

WeaponDamageAmmoTime to kill
AKM497.620.30 s
M16A4435.560.22 s
SCAR-L435.560.29 s
M416435.560.26 s
GROZA497.620.24 s
AUG435.560.26 s

PUBG Mobile Weapons – Sniper Rifles

The AWM has the best damage, it is not as fast as the Win94, but is the best PUBG Mobile´s Sniper Rifle without any doubt

WeaponDamageAmmoTime to kill
Kar98K757.623.80 s
M24797.621.80 s
AWM120.3001.85 s
Win94660.451.20 s

PUBG Mobile Weapons – Other

Finally the Crossbow´s damage is similar to the AWM´s. But it is clearly slower

WeaponDamageAmmoTime to kill
Crossbow105Bolt3.80 s
This is the full guide of PUBG, if you are a player then I suggest you to remember some name from here and go on the battleground and search for those types of weapon and if you are the first and need to download this game then visit the link bellow.

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