Phone Getting Slower (Let's see what can you do)

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Phone Getting Slower (Let's see what can you do)

Phone is now a very important part of life, without smart phone a day is very hard to pass. Because of it's many more smart feature. From every space of life, phone is very useful. Now banking and payment option also done with smartphone. Also the manufacturer and developer keep updating phone to develop it's features and experience. Variety of phone depends on user to user, manufacturer company makes various devices depending on user need and passion.

But when the phone getting slower, your mind, work and other important part getting effected. So you have to know how to solve the slower phone performance to normal performance and the way to keep the phone faster. To do this you need to follow some step.

Unusual App Cleaning

Uninstall App
Somehow you may know that uninstalling unusual app can make your device faster as before. But sometime manufacturer company's pre-install app can also make problem on you device or it maybe creating problem on performance and Google also have many more services and for every service they have application and it's pre-installed. Consider that app those are very important to you. And other app you can uninstall it. Or if it's pre-installed you can disable it, disable app doesn't totally removed from your device. Just it will not work or it will never run as background task.

App for faster performance can be a cause for slower performance

Phone Optimizer
People use many more app for faster performance. But this type of software can also a reason for slower performance because it's keep running on background and keep monitoring system and running app and sometime try to close important background task. Some software specially design to run in background and the those type of software that are for faster performance keep closing background process and it's cause the performance issue. Only the manufacturer pre-installed performance app can helpful because it's design and permission level. Use the pre-installed app or don't use any app for performance.

App Updating issue with Performance

App Update
Generally in updating a app doesn't create any problem on phone. But the problem happen on the app. For example "ShareIt" is a app. When it's first time release, it just a very simple app and easy to use. But after long time it provide ]many more feature and now it's UI is totally change and it goes to simple to complicated because of the advertisement and video downloading option and many more notification make it complex. In past time ShareIt launching time is more faster then now.

Now, if you say updating any app can be a reason for slower performance then it's true. But sometime some app doesn't work or it's showing to update the app. By the way keep updating app is essential for banking app and those app that are related to security. Because they take care of your life and money. Don't close auto updating app option for sure that harmful also.

Updating pre-installed app also making problem on your storage because it take double space on the phone but if you have enough space then it's also fine.

Keep updating Phone

Phone Update
Manufacturer company provide many update of the phone including phone and google security patches. OTA (On the Air) update can also help to change your android version, updating phone can also help you for performance and it's necessary if your update including with security update. They keep updating phone system for making it secure and smooth in performance. So updating phone system also help you to get batter performance.

Cache Data clear

Every app create cache data, this data are cleanable and it's doesn't make any changes on the app. But the question, why you clean this type of data? The answer is some app create data and keep creating new cache file that not always useful it's just create for your help to find anything offline or it's keeping file for some further process. But the all file is responsible for background process so cleaning this type of data from your phone also help you to batter performance.

Phone Inbuilt launcher

Launcher are greatly responsible in phone performance, many user give emphasis in that option when they are going to buy a phone. If everything is OK on your phone but you are not satisfied with performance and then it's possible that you have problem on your launcher. Change the launcher, I suggest you to use Nova Launcher. Because from Now I see that this launcher is very working for good performance.

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