Free Fire Weapon Guide - All Weapon Power and State

Free Fire Weapon Guide - All Weapon Power and State

Free Fire is called the PUBG of a poor people and poor people are those who have no device for playing PUBG mobile. So let's get to the point. Free Fire is on the second place in my judgement. Because all type of mobile user can play the game on their phone. It's the best think of the game.

Like PUBG, Free Fire have different kind of weapon and each and every weapon have different power and efficiency. Best weapon provide you the better game experience and chance of get to the top place of the game.

Best Free Fire Weapon List

All the field or heading title of the table means :

Weapon: Name of the Weapon as on the game
Power: Damage by shooting by the weapon on the game. (5 means highest)
Clip Size: How much bullet reload on the weapon at once. 
Range: Shooting Range of the weapon. (5 means highest)
Accuracy: The shooting coverage on the enemy. (5 means highest)
Rate of Fire: How much bullet shoot at once.

Some of the amount is separated by comma for the other thing such as weapons handle, zoom and other related thing on that weapons.

Melee Weapon of Free Fire

All the Melee Weapon are same on the Free Fire and the list bellow.

WeaponPowerClip sizeRangeAccuracyRate of Fire
You can keep any one weapon on the game. Most of working weapon is Pan.

Handguns Weapon of Free Fire

Handguns is the important weapon of Free Fire. You can take any gun on slot three. You can take three weapon. Handguns is one of them.

WeaponPowerClip sizeRangeAccuracyRate of Fire
Desert Eagle3,572,542,5
The M500 has a small clip size, but the best power and range among the handguns. You can also try the G18 if you prefer the biggest clip size and the best rate of fire.

Sub Machine Guns of Free Fire

Sub Machine Guns are important weapon of Free Fire. Here is the state of the weapons:

WeaponPowerClip sizeRangeAccuracyRate of Fire
The MP5 has the best combination of clip size, range, accuracy and also fire rate....

Shotguns & Heavy weapons of Free Fire

Shortguns and Heavy Weapons are best for close short to enemy, here is the all states of the weapons:

WeaponPowerClip sizeRangeAccuracyRate of Fire
If you want a shotgun try the M1014, it has the biggest clip and also nice accuracy.

Assault Rifles of Free Fire

Assault Rifles are also a best part of the game but though this is Rifles but it work fine.

WeaponPowerClip sizeRangeAccuracyRate of Fire
The Groza is the best assault rifle in the game. But nearly all the assault rifles are worthwhile. A Famas, a M4A1, an AK, or a M14, are also great choices.

Sniper of Free Fire

If you are a PUBG player then you have a clear idea about Sniper and most of the people knows about that sniper. In PUBG you have Sniper, You need to find a Zoom for best target but in Free Fire there is already attached Zoom on the Sniper but the Sniper are not work as on PUBG. So Sniper is not always the Good choice in Free Fire.

WeaponPowerClip sizeRangeAccuracyRate of Fire
Kark98k is most common on Free Fire, AWM is the best Sniper but you can take SKS because it has large clip size.

Ideal Setup for Free Fire

If you want to play with Sniper we recommend AWM (primary slot), M1014 (secondary slot) and M500 (Sidearm). But if you prefer close or mid range combat: Groza or M14 (primary slot), M1014 (secondary slot) and G18 (Sidearm)

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