How to Create a Windows Multiboot USB Flash Drive (A to Z)

How to Create a Windows Multiboot USB Flash Drive (A to Z)

Do you have several computers with multiple windows and Linux systems installed? Or something else for that you need to boot on a drive on different times with different windows and Linux. So for this problem you need to boot pen-drive with multiple windows and Linux. Let's go for details about how you can do it. For doing this you need a pen-drive and software.

Requirements :

  • 8 GB or more pen-drive will help you to load more windows in a pen-drive.
  • Windows or Linux ISO files
  • Software that can help you with multi-boot.

Manage Requirements :

Pen-drive: If you have a pen-drive you good to go ahead but if you not then you have to buy a pen-drive. I prefer 16 GB pen-drive of USB 3.0 or more advance. Because the speed of the pen-drive will help you to finish the windows very firstly. If you are using an SSD on your computer then 3.0 Pendrive can help you to finish windows less then 5 minutes. It also depends on your system, motherboard, and processor.

ISO Files: For multi-boot, you need ISO files too, somehow it's the main problem for the people. Because generally, windows ISO file is about 4 GB. To download a larger file from the internet is sometimes impossible for some people. But if you can download the windows files from the internet, this is good for you. Because the latest windows file doesn't need additional updates. Just by updating its windows defender's threat definition  you good to go. How you can manage ISO file with or without the internet. Let's see.

1) You can download ISO files from the internet in valid way from the Microsoft website. Because downloading windows form another source is somewhat dangerous.

How to download windows from Microsoft - valid way.

2) You can also make ISO with other software by disk offline. If you have disk and disk drive you can make ISO from it. A new disk will help you to get a healthy ISO file. Because the error of one file will never let you finish the windows installation. So I prefer a new disk to copy.

How to make ISO from a disk

Software for making multi-boot pen-drive:

There are many software that can make pen-drive multi boot-able. Among them, Win Setup From USB is the most famous software.

Download Win Setup From USB

After downloading this software you need to follow this step to make a multi boot-able file.

1. Download WinSetupFromUSB Extract this file.
2. Connect the flash drive to your computer.
3. Open WinSetupFromUSB. Open the 32-bit and 64-bit version according to your OS. It will work without any installation.
4. Make sure your flash drive is listed and selected in the drop-down menu. Click Refresh, if it is not on the list.
5. Tick Auto format it with FBinst.
Note: You have to tick this option only for the first ISO installation. Choose FAT32 if your computer is set to boot using UEFI mode or if UEFI sounds strange to your ears. Else, go with the NTFS option.
6. Click Advanced options.
7. Tick the Custom menu names for the Vista/7/8/Server Source checkbox. Click the Cross (X) button to exit Advanced Options.
8. To add the ISO file for your multiboot USB, tick the checkbox corresponding to OS under Add to USB disk subheading.
For example, I am using Windows 10 ISO.
Note: If the size of your ISO is larger than 4 Gb, it will show a message to split the file into parts. This is because you’ve chosen the FAT32 option. Click OK.

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