Make a Presentation Video very Easily For YouTube or Office Use (Convert your presentation into a Video)

Many people are working in the office or home to make a presentation. The presentation is very helpful to published any idea or plan by image and text and within pie, chart, table, and video on it. Usually, peoples make a presentation by Microsoft Powerpoint or similar software. But Microsoft Powerpoint is the best I think because it has the most important feature to create and share the presentation and this post is for Microsoft PowerPoint.

Enough intro, Let's dig in

Sometimes you need a video to run continuously on a conference or on a show. Then you can think about a video editor to make a video, obviously, a video editor or maker always best. But to make a video on the editor you need more time then presentation, although presentation can give you the video that is also high quality and within a very short time and you don't need to pay more for a video editor.

So let's see which equipment you need to make a video by Microsoft Powerpoint.
  1. A Computer or Android (For Making Video You Need Computer)
  2. Microsoft office 2010 or later
  3. Some knowledge about Microsoft Powerpoint
And all you are ready to make a video. Firstly, you have to create something that you are wanted to show the audience. You can add text, image, pie, chart or anything that you need, you can also add a transition, animation and several types of color and shape on it.

Or Click here to know more about Microsoft Powerpoint. And how to make a presentation on it.

[After creating the whole presentation you need to set time for each slide you create. If you have a video on it, you need to watch it in this step. To ensure the final video includes your video on the presentation.]

Slide Time Set 

Let's check it how to set time to each of slide, I'm using Microsoft Powerpoint 2016 for this. To download the Microsoft Office 2016 visit: Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 x86-x64 and Bonus Software

  • Go to the tab Slide Show Then click on Record Slide show.
  • Select Start Recording From Beginning
  • Then a dialogue box appears and on that dialogue box, you got two option -
  • Slide and Animation Timing
  • Narration, ink, and laser pointer
  • Select Slide and Animation Timing but if you need to add some narration of your own or you need anything to mark through the pointer or ink you can select Narration, ink, and Laser Pointer. Remember for adding Narration and other things you need some of the hardware on your computer. E.g - For narration, you need a microphone.

Creating Video

For creating video from the presentation, Select File>Export>Create a Video and Select Presentation quality and Select the timing that you already recorded through the above process. If you don't record in these case the output of the video will automatically take some time for each slide.

If you don't have the option please download the software from here: Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 x86-x64 and Bonus Software

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