Hi-Q MP3 Recorder (Pro) - Free Download - Checking of Purchase has been Disabled

A Hi-Q MP3 Recorder is a recorder that can record anything with MP3 format and this application also have the facility to record with high-quality audio. The feature according to the Google Play Store of this MP3 recorder is given below.
  • Shhh! - Discretion Mode 
  • 320 kbps recordings 
  • Home Screen Widgets 
  • Google Drive or Dropbox Auto Upload 
  • Clip Management 
  • Control Gain Level

Download The App

Download the App from here. The checking of purchase has been disabled in this app so you can use as much as possible and for the new version or update. You can download it from the Google Play Store and the link given below

This is a pro version of the app and you can use it as a free one to try. And if you have any problem with any of the feature or recording. Consider downloading a free version from Google Play Store or you can buy it from there. It's a good app for recording and guaranteed the best app on the smartphone.

More details about the features:

MP3 clips: Your recordings are stored as MP3 files in real-time, which are compact enough and can be played almost everywhere.

Keep Recordings Safe: With automatic upload to Dropbox and Google Drive, your recordings are stored safely and you can free up more space on your device. Sync happens when the preferred connection is available (Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi and mobile network).

Home Screen Widgets: You can start, pause, and resume recording in a flash with the home screen widgets specially designed for your personal voice recorder.

Quality Settings: Customize audio quality with a changeable bit rate up to 320 kbps. You can also record in WAV, OGG, M4A, and FLAC (experimental) formats.

Input Selection: Select the more sensitive front microphone, or the clearer back microphone as you wish (depending on individual device). Whether you only need an MP3 voice sample or you are recording a demo, this app has got you covered.

Shhh! You can switch the recording icon for discretion so nobody notices if you are pressing the record button. 

Manage Clips: Share, sort, rename and delete recordings as you please. Speed up playback to save time, or slow down to perceive details in your recordings without changing pitch.

Gain: Specify input gain settings in real-time for optimum recording at various noise levels.

Wi-Fi Transfer: Transfer recordings to your computer and other devices wirelessly with the built-in Wi-Fi Transfer, utilizing your home Wi-Fi or your device's Wi-Fi Hotspot capability.

Wifi Transfer is a new feature of the App, In time to time they update their app for work best on your Smartphone and New Android Version need new update file. So buy this software if you have this option for a stable service. Buy it from Google Play Store.


  • Phone calls are not supported.
  • Widgets are enabled only when the app is installed on the phone’s main storage, not an SD card. To use widgets, go to Android Settings → Apps and move the app to the phone.

Source : Most of the information taken from Google Play Service and the Photo is an official photo of Hi-Q MP3 Recorder.

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