How to save from the Privacy Risks of a Smart TV - Stop your TV from 'stealing' your personal Data

The TV was once called a fool's box. But the new era TVs are now very intelligent. The TV now has an internet connection and the video can be streamed. The TV has become intelligent to advise watching content by understanding your interest. Detects the contents of the content shown on the TV via the Automatic Content Recognition (OCR) feature. Various TV manufacturers collect information through this feature and give them to advertisers. If you didn't want them to spy on you, you can prevent it. This will keep your personal information safe. Find out about the options for a few TVs:

  • LG: Turn off the Live Plus option from the settings menu. New TV models have to go to the settings option from the main menu. Then go to the general option of All settings. If you scroll, you will get the Live Plus option. In the old TVs, go to about this TV option, you can close the usage agreement, Privacy Policy, Viewing Information and Personalized Advertising, under the User Agreement.
  • Sony: Turn off Interactive TV Settings or Samba TV Interactive TV option.  In Sony Android-based TVs you will find this option in Settings > System Preferences. There you can find interactive TV settings. Go to Preferences from settings on older Sony TVs and then go to Network. There you have to deactivate Samba Interactive TV.

  • Samsung: Turn off Viewing information services. Go to settings in the new model TVs from the main menu and go to Support Terms and Policy. Turn off viewing information services and voice recognition services. In the case of the older model, go to settings and turn off the voice recognition services under the terms and policies under the SyncPlus option. In this case, the voice recognition facility on TV will remain closed.
  • Xiaomi: Disable User Agreement information and Help us improve our device from settings of the TV. For Patchwall OS: Disable User Agreement information
  • Vu: Turn of Samba Interactive TV. Go to the ‘Settings’ and head to the System Preferences option. Select ‘Samba Interactive TV’ and disable it.

Stop your TV from 'stealing' your personal Data, It's something like spying on you.

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