Samsung Firmware Installing Process ।। Drivers and Software

Samsung Firmware Installing Process
Drivers and Software

For installing Firmware on the Samsung you need to follow this tutorial fully. In this process, I gonna say how do you search, download and install the firmware into your phone.

What is firmware?

Firmware is simply a software or operating system made specifically for phones. Firmware can be an Android, IOS, or any type of operating system. Every phone needs different firmware and the firmware also comes specifically for every model of the phones, in some cases, there is much firmware for just one model.

Why different firmware for different models and companies?

Firmware comes with device drivers and specific software that the phone has the features. Every hardware needs different types of drivers and software to work with smartphones or any type of phone. So that different phone has different hardware and different firmware.

Why different firmware for just a model or same model?

Some multinational companies are releasing phones worldwide and every country has different types of SIM companies (Network Provider) and different types of weather. So they have to provide different types of firmware to work with different countries and sometimes they have to provide different hardware for just a model for the weather. Some country has cold weather and some are hot.

Now let's see How to install the firmware to Samsung Phones?

Samsung is a multinational company so they have different types of firmware for just one model. If you find the firmware on the internet and the firmware is for your phones and the same model though it will not be installed if it did not match for your phones.

How do you search firmware for your smartphones on the Internet? (Very Important, many people doesn't know and keep trying by downloading one by another firmware) This process will simplify the step of downloading Firmware.

Searching firmware on the Internet, you need to know which model are you using and a code that comes with your model. So how do you know which firmware you need? To know

  1. Turn off the phone.
  2. Go to recovery mood, by pressing the Power button + Volume up button or in some model Power Button + Volume Up button and Home Button at a time.
  3. There is an option to wipe user data and also reboot to bootloader which is very important for the flashing process.
  4. Now see the photo above, this is a unique code for your model and this is called AP version.
  5. Copy the code and search on the web by this code only. I hope you can find the firmware for your model now.
  6. This is very important, You must match the code before downloading otherwise the firmware can't be installed on your phone.

Now how to install the firmware into your phone?

If you have the firmware and now you just need some time to prepare your PC for installing the firmware. If you are already a developer or an advanced user you don't need to follow the instruction fully.
  • Download the Samsung Drivers and install them on your computer.
  • Now Download Odin (Samsung Flash Tool) and open it.
  • Go to recovery mood, by pressing the Power button + Volume up button or in some model Power Button + Volume Up button and Home Button at a time.
  • Now Select Reboot to recovery.
  • Some model needs confirmation after that command you have to press volume up or down button to say Yes. and a screen appears with a text Downloading...
  • Connect your Android using data cable.
  • In Odin log, you can see added, then you have to add the BL, AP, CP, CSC while adding AP on the software it will take time as it is the large file and the main file.
  • After adding all the files, now press Start to start the flashing process.

CSC and Home_CSC

You may find two files on the firmware folder. CSC and Home_CSC, these two files are for your smartphone. You can select CSC if you need fresh software, mean no personal file fully new look. and select Home_CSC if you want to keep personal files and just want to upgrade the software.

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