Learn SEO (From Beginner to Expert) Lesson-IV (About Search Engine)

About Search Engine

What is a search engine?

Search engines are machines or devices that answer the various questions of the Internet user, searching for different types of content spread across the Internet, understanding them, sorting them according to relevance. When an internet user searches for something (search) then it is the job of the search engine to show the result according to that search. Following all the rules of the search engine, your content should be on the first page of the search engine results page. There is no alternative to SEO to ensure this. If your content or website is not found by search engines, it is unlikely to show up in the SERP. Currently, search engine results pages are called SERPs.

How does a search engine work?

Search engines have three main functions. Which is:

  1. Crawling: Finding all kinds of Internet content and code with URLs.
  2. Indexing: After the crawling process, they are stored and organized according to specific rules. Once indexed, the information will be displayed in the search results according to the user's search and relevance.
  3. Ranking: Periodically showing the best content from the indexed content according to the user's search as the relevance and correct result.

Does the search engine crawl?

Crawling is a search engine process through which the search engine finds all kinds of new and updated content and code URLs on the Internet through one or more bots/robots (many call it spiders or crawlers).
Content can be of different types. Such as web page, image/picture, video, audio, pdf, etc. But keep in mind that these contents can be found through links on the Internet.
Google bot starts crawling through fetching some web pages, then crawls other pages by following the link of that web page. This way it finds new content through links and attaches it to the index, which is called caffeine. Where crawling information is stored in a huge database and when a user searches, the information is matched according to his search.

What is search engine indexing?

After the crawling process, the search engine stores and organizes the information in a huge database according to specific rules. The next time a user searches, the search engine shows it to the user in the search results according to search and relevance.

Search engine ranking

When a user searches, the search engine then shows the best information that matches the search according to the user's search from its indexed huge database/database. This method of showing search results is called ranking. The ranking works according to the algorithms of search engines. Search engines believe that the web site you visit the first time you search can provide a specific solution to a user's problem.

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