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Garena Free Fire - Game Character's Information and Ability at a glance

Garena Free fire characters list, ability and information to be pro you need to know all characters at a glance, free fire characters list guide acmtt

Garena Free Fire has 37 characters now. Among them, 9 characters are active and 26 characters are passive and 2 characters are free or don't have any ability. Every character has a background history and within that, the ability is connected, if you know the history then you can create ideas about Freefire characters. Let's see the character's names and details about characters.

The 9 Active characters and their ability...

Garena Free Fire - Active Characters

You can select only one active character in your character slot, but though you can use one active character you must know the power of other active characters.
  1. A124 (Thrill of Battle)
    • Sex: Female
    • Ability: Quickly convert 25 EP into HP, CD 90s
    • About: A124 is a robot made with modern technology. She has two states of mind: A normal 18 years old girl mode or battle mode.
  2. Skyler (Riptide Rhythm)
    • Sex: Male
    • Ability: Unleashes a sonic wave forward, damaging 5 Gloo Walls within 50m, CD 60s. Also, each Gloo Wall deployed will result in increasing HP recovery beginning from 4 points. Recovery effects do not stack.
    • About: Vietnamese music artist Son Tung M-TP is the inspiration behind the Skyler character in Free Fire.
  3. Chrono (Time Turner)
    • Sex: Male
    • Ability: Creates a force field that blocks 600 damages from enemies. One can fire from outside foes from within the force field. Movement speed increase by 15%. During skill activation, allies within the force field get a 10% increase in movement speed. All effects last for 4 seconds, CD 50s.
    • About: Chrono comes from a parallel universe where there are higher science and technological levels than the levels in our current world Earth. He had a normal childhood in his original universe. His parents were famous lawyers who fought against poverty and to help bring the poor homeless people up into society. Because of this he always had an awareness about vulnerable groups since he was very young and as he grew older he found ways to do his part to help as well.
  4. Clu (Tracing Steps)
    • Sex: Female
    • Ability: Locate the position of enemies within 30m who are not in a prone or squat position. Last for 5 seconds, CD 50s. At level 4 enemies' positions are shared with the teammates.
    • About: Clu grew up in a suburb of a large city. Her parents were wealthy, never had to worry about the basics of life and she had a very loving childhood. When she was a teenager, her dad was recruited for the war effort. The war ended a year later and he never came home. He was never found. Clu became a private eye detective after graduating high school in hopes she could uncover details on her dad's disappearance.
  5. K (Master of All)
    • Sex: Male
    • Ability: Max EP increases by 50. Jiujitsu Mode: Allies within 6m get a 500% increase in EP conversion rate. Psychology Mode: Recover 2 EP every {4}s, up to {6} EP. Mode switch CD 20s.
    • About: K was a smart kid, but like most kids his age he didn’t take school seriously. When he was 16, still a junior in high school, he got into a car crash and injured his spine. His doctors told him he would never walk again. But he refused to give up - this would not be the end for him. He went to physical therapy, did his own therapy at home, and found a trainer to help him push further. In a year he was walking; in two he was playing sports. This experience taught him a few things that would stick with him for life.
      • Don’t take life for granted.
      • He had to delve into himself to get through the experience and he learned to understand himself, his motivations as well as his place in the world.
      • A side effect of this was that he could now read and understand the people around him in the same ways.
      • He also wanted to make his body and mind stronger to never be injured the same way again
  6. Steffie (Graffiti's Blessing)
    • Sex: female
    • Ability: Create graffiti that reduces explosive damage and bullet damage by 5% for some seconds. CD 45s. Effects do not stack.
    • About:  Steffie is a liberalist. Since childhood, she has already shown the surprising gift for art. After the war, Steffie saw the rise of Future Horizons in her country and how they hunted down artists in the name of a better future. She became a famous rebel, leaving amazing graffiti in the city to laugh at their cowardice. To bring back the freedom to this world, she joined Cibernetica as their first non-hacker member.
  7. Alok (Drop the Beat)
    • Sex: Male
    • Ability: Create a 5m aura that increases moving and sprinting speed and restores HP. The effect cannot be stacked.
    • About: "Using the power of music, Alok left Brazil and traveled the world. His name means “light”. He has signed a contract and a closed concert will happen on Free Fire’s battleground island for some VIP guests!"
  8. Rafael (Dead Silent)
    • Sex: male
    • Ability: You will not be revealed on the mini-map for 8s
    • About:  Rafael is a deadly killer. His goal is to bring justice to the world.
  9. Wukong (Camouflage)
    • Ability: Camouflage's cool down in 300s. Can only be used while standing.
Among the above active characters Alok, Chrono and the new one Skyler is the best. Wukong is officially dead because the ability is very lower than newer players

Passive Characters and their ability...

Garena Free Fire - Passive Characters

Though every passive character is not famous among the Freefire players but some characters are very helpful during gameplay, and some characters are special within the different modes of the game. That will be discussed in another post: 
  1. Kelly (Dash) - Ability: Increase sprinting speed. Kelly is a high-school sprinter. She is also known as Shimada Kiriko. She loves to run, and can always be seen on the track. Running forward is built into her mind and body. No matter the obstacle, she will always push forward. Keep Running! KIRIKO!
  2. Shimada Hayato (Bushido) - Ability: The lower your HP, the higher your armor penetration becomes. Hayato, a kid from a legendary Samurai family. Being the only child means that Hayato needs to carry on the family tradition and curse... This young samurai has a secret nobody else can know... For this, Hayato is willing to give up his life.
  3. Maxim (Gluttony) - Ability: Reduce time for eating mushrooms and using medkits. Maxim loves to Livestream while he eats. With a humongous appetite, he never says no to food. He has won several speed-eating competitions, even if he goes against people who are much bigger than him. Born with a very cheerful disposition, Maxim is very well-liked by the people around him.
  4. Andrew (Armor Specialist) - Ability: Decrease vest durability loss. Andrew was a police officer. With his strong sense of justice, he spent most of his time chasing criminals. His singlet was his lucky charm, he had already lost count of the number of fights he survived wearing it. Searching for the truth behind everything was his call of duty.
  5. Shirou (Damage Delivered) - Ability: When the user is hit from within 80m, the attacker is marked (only visible to the user). The first shot on marked enemies has additional armor penetrationFights have been a part of Shirou’s life since he was a child. As an app-delivery boy. Receive, transport, deliver ... no questions asked: he only does what is necessary to reach the demand for deliveries and withdrawals. When he's not in transit, Shirou uses his free time to train at the Wukong Fight Academy. The only certainty in his day-to-day life is that delivery work sometimes yields more fights and injuries than fight training.
  6. Dasha (Partying On) - Ability: Reduce damage is taken and recovery time from falls. Reduce the rate of recoil buildup and maximum recoil. Dasha was a very happy and productive child but then a series of unfortunate events came into her life. Her parents died, her best friend moved away, her foster family was terrible to her and her country was on the brink of war. She felt betrayed, mistreated, and abused by people and the system. When she was 18 she had to make a choice: fight for survival, let her past destroy her, or let it all go and have fun. She chose the third option, using fun as a weapon to take back her life.
  7. Kapella (Healing Song) - Ability: Increase effects of healing items and healing skills. Reduce ally HP loss. Effects do not stack. Kapella was raised by a family that knew she was a talented singer and wanted her to get famous. The fame was to help the family gain respect in society, they didn't really care what Kapella wanted as long as she became successful. Kapella loved to sing and started singing pop but did not yet realize her family was using her for their own purposes.
  8. Wolfrahh (Limelight) - Ability: With every additional viewer: The damage taken from headshots decreases, up to 25%. Damage to the enemy's limbs increases. Wolfrahh grew up in a normal household. He was a smart kid but he chose to spend his time surfing the internet and playing video games instead of studying. He became a viral star in the gaming streaming community. Guys and gals all liked him - his wolf persona and his funny commentary. He keeps looking to find a way to do something fulfilling with his life than gaming.
  9. Jai (Raging Reload) - Ability: After taking down an opponent, the gun's magazine automatically gets reloaded (limited to AR, Pistol, SMG, and SG). Jai was a man who believed in justice. His father was a military man and had died in one of the wars his country was involved in. Jai wanted to follow in his footsteps but at the same time forge his own path. His dad told him that he joined the army to bring justice to those who had harmed innocents. From a young age, this was a part of his psyche.
  10. Shani (Gear Recycle) - Ability: Restore armor durability after every kill. Extra durability can upgrade your armor, up to level 3. Shani is a self-made engineer. Her parents were killed in a building explosion when she was 18 and she lost everything she had. She wandered around for a few years doing odd jobs to make a living when a junkyard owner took her in and gave her a place to call home. There she was able to work with junk parts and engineer to her hearts' content.
  11. Notora (Racer's Blessing) - Ability: When driving a vehicle, restore HP of all members on the vehicle. Effects do not stack. Notora is a motorcycle racer. She was born into a family that was part of a biker gang, but she hates a life full of killings. A gunfight occurred between her gang and another rival, her entire team was wiped out and she got captured. Due to her performance in the battle, she avoided death and was sent to Free Fire island.
  12. Alvaro (Art of Demolition) - Ability: Explosive weapon damage increases, damage range increases. Alvaro grew up in a military family. He was recruited into the armed forces at the age of 14 when they found out his taste for explosives. He would make his own explosives and blow things up in the woods behind his family house. Alvaro is also viewed by common folks as unreliable and crazy.
  13. Jota (Sustained Raids) - Ability: SMG or Shotgun kills will instantly restore HP, cool down 5 seconds. Jota grew up in a middle-class family, was an average student, and had a family who loved him. Overall, a pretty normal life - but he felt trapped and needed more action in his life. He lived in a city with skyscrapers that filled the skyline and felt trapped, so he started climbing to find places to see the sky.
  14. Luqueta (Hat Trick) - Ability: Every kill increase the max HP, up to 35. Luqueta was an exchange student from overseas. He moved because of his dad's job. His dad wanted him to follow in his footsteps and get an MBA and get into business. But Luqueta saw his dad's life and didn't want any of that. He was always an athletic kid. When he moved he started playing soccer for the school, he knew he was good when he was a kid but in high school, he became a star. He didn't even have to try that hard and was amazing.
  15. Joseph (Nutty Movement)- Ability: Movement speed increased temporarily upon taking damage. Joseph is a well-known physicist, but he is also a player. He was a founder of a really successful tech company. He also was an outstanding student in the military academy.
  16. Laura (Sharp Shooter) - Ability: Accuracy increased while scoped in. Laura is an outstanding special agent. She has been a talented shooter ever since she was a kid. Laura wants to bring justice to the world.
  17. Moco (Hacker's Eye) - Ability: Tag the enemies that Moco shot for a few seconds. Moco, the legend of the Cyber World. Moco is also known as "chat noir" for her skill and intelligence. She can hack into any computer she wants without anyone noticing. After she gets the information she needs, she disappears like a ghost.
  18. Caroline (Agility) - Ability: When holding a shotgun, movement speed increase by 3%, 8% at max level. "Caroline" is a female character in Free Fire, her ability allowing more mobility while shooting. Players can unlock the character with 499 Diamonds or 8,000 Coins.
  19. Paloma (Arms-dealing) - Ability: Able to carry AR ammo without taking up inventory space. Paloma has a painful past that she does not talk about often. A beauty queen raised in the poorest suburbs of her country, she used to be every girl's role model. But now, she is the epitome of evil, an arms dealer that controls the underworld in the palm of her hands.
  20. Kla (Muay Thai) - Ability: Increased fist damage. Kla was an esteemed martial artist, specializing in Muay Thai. A few years ago, he mysteriously disappeared and no one could find him. The Kla that reappeared before everyone is not the same one as the famous Kla that everyone in the industry was familiar with. He is now an Avenger and leaves no mercy to anyone. Be careful of his fists, they will break anything and everything.
  21. Miguel (Crazy Slayer) - Ability: Gain 30 EP for each kill.
  22. Antonio (Gangster's Spirit) - Ability: Receive extra HP when the round starts. Antonio, the well-known Gangster. He was an orphan who grew up to be a gangster. He started his own gang and spent 7 years wiping out all the other gangsters in his hometown. To protect his loved ones, he puts himself in danger over and over again.
  23. Misha (Afterburner) - Ability: Increase driving speed and reduce damage taken while inside vehicles. Misha is an extremely talented racer. Her never-say-die attitude and insane driving skills earned her the title of Racequeen from the racing community. Always the one to tackle challenges head-on, she rose rapidly to fame as she competed in more tournaments. To Misha, there are no curve roads, the road forward is always straight.
  24. Nikita (Firearms Expert) - Ability: Reload Submachine gun faster. Nikita is a professional bodyguard. Her most important assignment is to protect and escort Carolyn, the daughter of the chairman of the Free Fire's organization. Growing up, Nikita was an air rifle marksman in school, which helped hone her agility and keen senses. To achieve her objectives, she infiltrated the organization and become Carolyn's bodyguard.
  25. Olivia (Healing Touch) - Ability: Players revived by Olivia will get extra HP. Olivia was a nurse. Nursing and caring for those around her bring her happiness. No matter who, friend or foe, she always gives her all in taking care of her patients. It is said that patients saved by her healing touch, gain inexplicable strength and confidence in life. Olivia is a very reliable companion in all situations.
  26. Ford (Iron Will) - Ability: Reduce damage taken outside the safe zone. Ford was an ordinary man from the navy. Even an ordinary man has his own secrets. Ford was no exception. A man’s name is not important. What’s important is his motives and actions. Ford was a very resilient man. The only person who can make his determination waver was probably her…



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Computer and Mobile Tips and Tricks: Garena Free Fire - Game Character's Information and Ability at a glance
Garena Free Fire - Game Character's Information and Ability at a glance
Garena Free fire characters list, ability and information to be pro you need to know all characters at a glance, free fire characters list guide acmtt
Computer and Mobile Tips and Tricks
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